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Bulk SMS Software

mFUSION Bulk SMS Software (from txtNation), enables businesses new to sending Bulk SMS messages an easy option with drag and drop, send platform.


Bulk SMS Gateway

txtNation provide a leading Bulk SMS Gateway which allows for high throughput, low cost messaging, connecting via a range of API options to send you opt-in Bulk SMS messsages. Direct network connections help you get your message through.





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Listed below are the top Bulk SMS providers listed by their rating.

Compare Bulk SMS Providers and Product Features

This websites main objective is to provide the best possible comparisons with a easy to understand 'like-for-like' style.

Bulk SMS Company Coverage  Quality Prices  Throughput
BusinessOnlineSMS Good  Excellent Good  Average
mFUSION Bulk SMS (txtNation product)* Excellent  Excellent V. Good  Excellent
TextMarketing   V. Good  Excellent Poor  Poor
Text Local V. Good  Excellent Average  V. Good
BusinessSMSLtd Average   Average Average  V. Good
RouteSMS Average   Poor V. Good  Average
BulkSMSOnline V. Good  Excellent Poor  Average
MobileMarketer Excellent  Average V. Good  Poor
SMS Wave Poor  Average V. Good  Poor
TerraTelecom Average  Average Poor  V. Good
SMS4Host Average  Poor V. Good  Poor
Boom SMS Poor  Poor Poor  Poor
txtNation Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent Average  Poor V. Good  Average

 *Rated no.1


This table is from variety of experiences of the last several years of connecting and sending high volume SMS via the above Bulk SMS providers. In terms of overall quality, I recommend txtNation's Bulk SMS product mFUSION, mainly from the perspective that they provide Account Managers you can contact at any time and 24.7 support.