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mFUSION Bulk SMS Software (from txtNation), enables businesses new to sending Bulk SMS messages an easy option with drag and drop, send platform.


Bulk SMS Gateway

txtNation provide a leading Bulk SMS Gateway which allows for high throughput, low cost messaging, connecting via a range of API options to send you opt-in Bulk SMS messsages. Direct network connections help you get your message through.





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Bulk SMS Gateway Providers or Bulk SMS Software

Choosing between a Bulk SMS Gateway Provider or using Online Bulk SMS Software depends on your needs as a business or individual.


If you have no techincal skills then opt for the software option (that is is its a small, manageable list).

If you need to implement Bulk SMS into your services i.e. real time events, then you will require the Bulk SMS Gateway.

Knowing what route to choose is very important when selecting your Bulk SMS provider.


Using a Bulk SMS Gateway with HLR Lookup

Did you know you can use a Bulk SMS Gateway in collaboration with a HLR Lookup provider for maximum results.

For example, if you have a data list or database of users you want to send SMS messages to, you can enable HLR Lookup to find out what mobile numbers are in existance.

By using HLR to ping your mobile numbers before sending you are more likely to have a higher conversion rate and therefore success of your overall campaign.

HLR lookup compliments Bulk SMS Gateway services very well and is well worth considering before simply sending your SMS messages.

Check out our Bulk SMS providers - several of these have HLR Lookup availablity.