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mFUSION Bulk SMS Software (from txtNation), enables businesses new to sending Bulk SMS messages an easy option with drag and drop, send platform.


Bulk SMS Gateway

txtNation provide a leading Bulk SMS Gateway which allows for high throughput, low cost messaging, connecting via a range of API options to send you opt-in Bulk SMS messsages. Direct network connections help you get your message through.





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Bulk SMS Marketing for Mobile Gaming and Gambling

In a recent post by txtNation: 'Increasing member acquisition and retention with SMS marketing' they explain that customers of gambling and gaming services are increasingly using mobile to play.

For a customer journey, SMS is a logical form of advertising. If the customers are likely to use the service on mobile, then it is better to contact them through mobile. 

Mobile SMS marketing works well for:

  • Quick communication: The message goes directly to the user, and can be read and responded to straight away. Ideal for offers.
  • Cost-effective marketing: The price of an SMS message is low, but the extra savings come from the lack of extra work that needs to go into other forms of communication, for example designers, printers etc.
  • Targeted data with our SMS datalists: You can buy data and send a bulk SMS campaign to the numbers. This is a simple way of acquiring new customers.
  • No spam/ junk folder: Unlike email.
  • High open and response rates: Statistics have shown that open rates and response rates are high for SMS. We aren't over run by SMS like we are with email.



Acquiring new customers with SMS marketing

As more and more customers are using mobile and the need for mobile sites grows, so does the need for a customer acquisition strategy for mobile. 

As this blog post, 'SMS for Customer Acquisition' explains, a combination of a strong data list with a good bulk SMS marketing campaign is a logical way to increase mobile site visits and reach new customers. Businesses have been using email data and marketing for some time now, and as mobile becomes more important, moving to mobile data and sms marketing is a natural progression.



Choosing a bulk SMS provider based on features

I recently discovered this page online - that shows features of each Bulk SMS Provider:

This shows what features to look for in a Bulk SMS provider in terms of Value Added Services (VAS), and the like.


Using HLR with Bulk SMS

Good article regarding using HLR Lookup with Bulk SMS:


HLR Lookup with Bulk SMS.

Good article regarding using HLR Lookup with Bulk SMS I thought I'd share with you all: